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Female Shih Tzu mix, 2 years, 12 pounds

Phoebe Sue is a super sweet, naturally-fluffy-but-also-cute-when-shaved, little lady that came to our rescue after being hit by a car. She is a-okay now, does the cutest dancing-spin trick when excited, and is learning how to be an inside dog and trust people.

Phoebe was previously kept as an outside dog and is very shy of new people and environments. She tells us she now loves to play with other dogs, as well as hiking, wrestling, chew and softee toys, training time, snuggling with her foster parents, and so much more!

Phoebe has learned to love all of those things slowly, discovering one thing at a time. She now gets the zoomies several times a day, grabs a toy in her mouth, laps around the living room, belly up wiggling on the floor, then zooming around again. She's absolutely the cutest and has realized how great it is to "get pets". When she's right in the middle of racing, all it takes is a chin scratch, ear rub, or 2 seconds of belly pets to have Sue Sue stop, drop, and roll to get more loves! 

Sue Sue will need a forever family who understands how shy she is and that she'll need some time to warm up to them. They'll also need to understand her under-socialization/exposure and will need to continue to work on her interactions with new people and environments.

Phoebe is working on potty and crate training, "wait", and not running away out the front door (eek!). She's improving with these and has caught on quickly to sit and lay-down. Phoebe Sue will sometimes bark at strangers, and used to bark like a yippy siren; but now she's doing well with just sitting when they pass (thank you positive reinforcement and treat motivation). 

  • DOGS: Phoebe Sue has slowly learned to trust our other dogs and now loves to play! She now wrestles the other dogs, plays chase, and cuddles the pack at night. She does, however, growl and lunge bark at the other dogs when she's settled in one spot and they approach, or when she has a bone/high-value toy/etc, or any other time she's feeling uncomfortable. This behavior has improved, but this is her go-to move when afraid and then over stimulated and could absolutely provoke a fight.

  • CATS: Seems to just ignore the cats. Will snuggle them often; however, she will also claim her space and possessions when the cats approach by growling and bark-lunging. 

  • KIDS: Although I'm sure SueSue would love to have the love and attention children can give; she's still quite fearful of people. In the past I've found that this leads to disappointed kids during meet-greets/etc. when the dog isn't interested or is scared of the kids. However, Phoebe has met a few dog-savy kids when we're out-and-about, and has surprisingly seemed to warm up quite quickly to the kids rather than the adults. 

Medical Information / History

Phoebe came to us after she was hit by a car and suffered from shock, pain, fractured teeth, and bruising and bleeding into her lungs. Overall her little body was quite lucky it wasn't crumbled and she was able to make a full recovery a week or two after her accident.

Phoebe seems to have no residual issues from this (besides missing a few useless front teeth); but she does seem to have a few common little-dog concerns: luxating patellas (she just has loose knee caps for now-potential surgery needed in the future), dental tartar (she did have a dental cleaning with her teeth extractions, so she's starting with pearly whites again-likely several dental cleanings required in the future as she ages), and long curly/wirey hair that will require lifelong grooming to prevent matts and overgrowth around the eyes, ears, and backend (she currently needs sedation to be groomed). 

If you're interested in Phoebe Sue or have any questions, PLEASE FIRST READ HER ENTIRE BIO above and then email us at

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