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Male Pit bill mix, 9wks/15lbs on 9/1/20

Riggs is a handful-of-a-pup who will need a family that can put up with his antics and continue to teach him his good boi manners. Riggs tries his best and can be the bestest boi. He easily redirects to toys, is great at potty training when watched closely (he'll go to the door!), and has already learned sit and down!

We're quite certain his cute brindled self will get loads of attention; but his go-to antics are not-so-cute at all and will make finding the perfect family a little challenging. He loves to bite, and bite HARD. He likes to bark, and bark LOUD. He likes to play, and play HARD.

"Of course he's a puppy!" you might say; but please know, he's a little bit more special than a normal pup with his level of biting, barking, and overall naughtiness (naughty boy has made us bleed more than I'll admit). He's looking for a patient, active, loving, experienced, and committed person or family to bond with forever.

  • DOGS: Riggs loves to play with dogs of all sizes, but is a little nervous of large or super excited dogs (at first). Riggs can get a little rough, but generally backs off if he's put in his place. Other times though, he'll get frustrated and just bark and bark and bark. He'd love a companion to grow up with to keep him occupied and show him the ropes! 

  • CATS: Riggs is a typical pup, he loves to chase. Generally he backs off when swatted, but he also thinks it's fun to torment the cats or bark at the feisty one. He's pretty easy to redirect though, so if he were to go to a home with cats, he (obviously) needs a lot of (continued) work. 

  • KIDS: I'm sure Riggs would love to grow up with a kid! Keep in mind though that this handful is quite the little bitter and curbing/handling "puppy-biting" with him will be challenging even without kids involved. Plus those little stabbers hurt s bad and have broken my own skin! 


Riggs came to us after an event that led to him coughing up blood and spending a couple days in oxygen. He has since fully recovered from that event and breathes like a champ! However, he also came with joint problems that we're still figuring out! He will require a family committed to covering potentially high medical expenses in the future.  

Riggs had dropped carpi (his wrists dropped toward the ground while he walked) when we first got him, but this resolved after a few days in our home. A few days later, his front legs started giving out when he played. His current diagnosis is Carpal Laxity Syndrome and we're hoping he'll be able to recover quickly and completely with physical therapy and structured exercise. We suspect that Riggs may have future hip/hindlimb issues as well due to some of his behaviors (hopefully we're just being paranoid!)

If you're interested in Riggs, or have any questions, PLEASE FIRST READ HIS ENTIRE BIO and then email us at

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