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Male, Domestic Shorthair Kitten, 10mo, 3-legged

Meet Chucky! Chucky is a three-legged neutered male kitten who is currently 10 months old (as of 1/28/21) and up-to-date on all medical needs. He came to us with a open fracture of his femur (thigh bone) that required amputation after getting attacked by a dog. He now zoomies around his foster home, climbs up and down cat trees, and occasionally torments his foster cat and dog siblings. 

Chucky lives for pets from his hoomans-chin and ear scratches are his faves, playtime with his toys/cat trees/other cats/etc, and definitely food. Chucky is the biggest beggar cat we've ever seen! He even puts a lot of dogs to shame! He has stolen chips, meats, cheeses, cereal, sandwiches, breads, cookies; really anything and everything! Luckily he hasn't figured out he can get onto the counter without a cat tree nearby, so his food thievery is mostly under control.

Chucky's also known as Mighty Mouse, because when he came he was quite small, but agile and ruthless. Chucky came terrified of dogs, loud noises, really anything new. He is quite the fearless chicken. Although everything around him made him jump, he persistently explored, stood his ground with the dogs-would even attack them if overly spooked, and now hardly shows signs of fear. He hardly notices the dogs now or will try to play with them, he calmly explores the house without being wide-eyed and jumpy, and loves the other cats in his foster home much more than they love him. 

Chucky does still hide when new people or dogs come over and occasionally still spooks when overly startled. Early on he not only lashed out (scratched/bit his hoomans) when spooked, he also often did so when pet "too long", picked up, carried, etc. This too has almost disappeared and he loves getting his lovins from hoomans, but he'll still occasionally get spry and swat like a sneaky-snake sour cat. 

Chucky is looking for a forever home that will keep him indoor only, provide lots of playtime and toys to keep him busy, and that will strive to prevent him from becoming the obese three-legged kitty he so longingly wishes to be. 

Please let us know if you're interested in adopting Chucky! Email us at Adoption application and approval required. Chucky's adoption fee is $75 which covers a very small portion of his surgery and medical needs covered by the rescue. Chucky is located in Christiansburg, VA.

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