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FAQs: What We Do


​​Can I meet that cutie???

  • ​Since we operate solely out of foster homes, we ask that you submit an application for approval prior to meeting our dogs. This ensures serious inquiries only and respects our foster homes' time and safety.

Can you put a dog on hold for me?

  • We cannot reserve/hold dogs for a given period of time (unless, bluntly, it is convenient for our rescue). While we will do our best to work with your schedule, we will consider the next applicant in line if you are unable to adopt in a reasonable time frame. Holding dogs would prevent our dogs from finding their (always screened and matched) forever homes as soon as possible. It would also be disrespectful of our fosters' time and could prevent us from saving more lives through available homes.

Can I adopt if I'm out of state/far away?

  • We require and expect anyone interested in our dogs to travel to us to meet them in person a prospective adopter is committed to traveling to us, we will consider a out-of-area adoption for the right homes!



Within 1-week of adoption:

  • We have a general "trial period" during which we allow an adopter to return their dog no-questions-asked, immediate/ASAP pick-up, full refund of adoption fees. *OUT OF AREA homes must return dog to us* 

    • We understand that sometimes it is simply not a good fit, although we do ask that you be patient as it can be very confusing for dogs to change environments. You are more than welcome to contact us at any time for help - we will try to offer solutions to help your dog fit into your life.

After the "trial period":

  • If at any time you're unable to care for one of our dogs, we expect that you will contact us ASAP to let us know. We will then help you find a new home (that must be approves through us), or will ALWAYS take our dogs back, but we often need to ask for time to arrange an available foster home ​



Why is the process taking so long? Why haven't I heard back from anyone?

  • MFDR is run by just a few veterinary professionals that are volunteering their VERY limited free time. Some weeks may be unpredicably hectic, and we sincerely appreciate your patience as we do our best to process your interest emails, questions, and applications, in a timely manner. Thank you for your patience and support. 

What can I do to speed up the process/put myself at the "top of the list"?

  • Inquiry emails: PLEASE make sure you've read a dog's complete bio to be certain you're comfortable with all of the information listed about the dog.

  • Fill out the adoption/foster application completely and accurately. Please read each section carefully and respond in full.

  • Tell your references ahead of time that we will be contacting them (at some point in the next several weeks) so they pick up when we call. 

  • Double check your pet policy. Yes, we do call all landlords and verify home ownership!

  • Ensure all of your current animals have received appropriate medical care.

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