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Rottie / Pittie mix, 5 months

Meet Fig! This wiggle-butt is extra smart and super lovable! She is a 4 month old Rottie/Pittie mix that came to our rescue in December with a broken jaw. She has been recovering well from surgery and is finally ready to find her forever home!

Figgy greets everyone butt-first, wagging and shaking her little nub, almost side-shuffling forward. She can be a little timid at times, and may bark when nervous; but she really loves people and other dogs. She wrestles nonstop with her foster sister and has to snuggle up close to her to nap. Fig also loves when her foster mom has friends over and plops herself down right in their lap, awaiting the extra pets.

Figgy knows “sit”, “wait”, “kennel”, “yes”, “go eat”; and is working on “down”. She wasn’t potty trained when she came, but now she sits next to the door and paws at it to go out. She loves the snow and goes absolute nuts; zooming and bouncing around, eating clumps of ice and flakes. She also loves playing with all of her foster sister’s toys, especially the one that dispenses treats as she rolls it around!

Fig seems and acts like a normal pup, but still has ongoing restrictions from her injuries. She will gradually start transitioning to hard food/kibble, and should eventually get the okay to chew on harder toys/etc again. Figgy’s lower jaw was broken in half on both sides and plates were placed to stabilize the fractures. The plates may need to be removed eventually (or not), but for now she’s still healing well. She will need a family that can take over her medical needs and that is prepared financially for any future complications or other emergencies.

Please email us at for more information on Figgy!

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