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German Shepherd, 7 months

Meet Milk! Milk is a doofy 7-month-old German Shepherd with a wonderful personality, but pretty crappy joints. He came to us in December with a broken ankle and suspected hip dysplasia. He’s slowly recovering from his ankle surgery and he’s finally ready to start searching for the perfect family!

Milk is such a love and the biggest ham. He lives for lovins and could snuggle for days. He loves to play, but will freeze for pets and melt into the arms of whoever shares their affection. He loves other dogs and begs his foster dad to let him wrestle with his dog friends, rather than working on a slow recovery. Milk does think he’s a watch dog and does an excellent job of alerting his foster family of visitors.

Milk is all puppy. He has loads of energy, makes lots of messes, nibbles on his people, chases the cat, forgets he’s housebroken, gets lonely in his crate, etc., etc. Typical puppy crazies. But he’s also super smart and learns quickly. He loves training and is currently working on using his “inside voice” when he’s in his crate.

Everyone falls for him in seconds; he’s so handsome, loves snuggles, and is great with other animals. Who wouldn’t want him?! However; Milk’s new family must be prepared to take over his recovery and future medical needs, to put in the work for his ongoing rehab, and to have the financial security to cover any future medical expenses. Milk’s ankle and hips will have progressive arthritis that will require continued veterinary care, medications, and potentially future surgery.

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