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German Shepherd, 1 year

Meet Milk! Milk is a doofy 1-year-old German Shepherd with a wonderful personality, but pretty crappy joints. 

Milk was surrendered with a broken ankle that was surgically repaired at the end of December 2021. He also has severe hip dysplasia. The bone healed well after surgery, but he’ll likely have lifelong arthritis, or other complications with his ankle and hip, and could potentially require additional surgeries in the future. For now he’s on a prescription joint food and a couple supplements, and he gets anti-inflammatories and cage rested whenever he randomly starts limping. He’s also getting walks and physical therapy exercises for about 15-30 minutes per day. His forever home will need to be emotionally and financially prepared to deal with any and all of his future medical needs. 

Milk is an incredibly sweet pup that loves everyone and everything. He’s a giant puppy and enjoys playing with (and annoying) other dogs, chasing and bopping cats, zooming around the yard, getting pets and snuggles, knocking over or stepping on the toddler human in his foster home, chewing on everything-even hands, obedience training, etc. He's still a “teenage” puppy that’s currently stuck in a crate a lot and will need continued training. He has great potential to overcome his annoying behaviors rather easily, and largely has, but these behaviors could develop into true issues depending on how they’re handled. He loudly barks and low growls when spooked by noises/people/animals/etc . He is housebroken to the point of never going inside when taken out judiciously and watched for his signal; but he will still go inside or in his crate when these things aren’t done. Milk does think he’s a watch dog and does an excellent job of alerting his foster family of visitors.

Please also note that Milk is up to date on all medical needs (vaccines/preventions/etc.), but is recommended to stay intact (not get neutered) until he's reached sexual maturity (around 1.5yrs), as recommended for medical and behavior reasons. Milk will likely get adopted prior to him being old enough to get neutered, thus we would make a plan for him to return to us for a couple days in the future for his neuter procedure and we would cover the cost of this. We will absolutely give you more information. 

Everyone falls for him in seconds; he’s so handsome, loves snuggles, and is "great" with people and other animals. Who wouldn’t want him?! However; Milk’s new family must be prepared to take over his recovery and future medical needs, to put in the work for his ongoing rehab, and to have the financial security to cover any future medical expenses. Milk’s ankle and hips will have progressive arthritis that will require continued veterinary care, medications, and potentially future surgery.

Email us at for more information about Milk! Please note his adoption fee is $500 to cover a very small portion of his medical expenses. 

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